Wednesday, March 21, 2018



It’s all very well being his Yin to her Yang
Fitting together in the songs they never sang
A covalent pair in need of repair
they push and they pull
they fight to find fair
they hurt and they heal
they find the right path
Narrow and perilous but allowing to feel

Monday, March 19, 2018


Dope Rider ~ Paul Kirchner

Friday, March 16, 2018

Aphorisms are Forever

Dive (Hong Kong 2013) ~ Wing Shya

Suspended in solution between depression and anxiety, tapping the contentment of the present, soaking up events before they are tinted by the propaganda machines into messages acceptable to the PTB.

Raw data has no agenda, it serves no master, it is the source of the river, before the dams, untainted by factories, untapped for power.
It flows through us and is changed by our perception of it; we translate it to suit our own world view.
We project ourselves through the data, we filter, we strain, we feed on it.
What you see is what we give.

As raw data we have no agenda, we serve no master. We are the source of the river, we are the dams, the factories, we are the power.
It flows through us and is charged by our perception; we translate it to suit a better reality.
We will project ourselves in the data, we will become; we will translate the world to suit our needs.
What you give is what you get.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Fables from a Forgotten Place: Lessons for Left-overs

Narrow Way ~ Michael Whelan

Little Things of the future, listen to me and I will tell you about the world the humans left us.
You must know that they were a complex specie immersed in delusions; unable to save themselves from their self-destructive urge for more.
In the old times when animals were free, the ducks lived on a pond.
The plants and bacteria that lived in the pond water provided food for ducks and the waste from the ducks fed the plants and bacteria that lived in the pond water.
Along came the humans with the belief that all animal life requires human benevolence to survive:
“Let’s feed the ducks,” they told their children, “we can use this stale bread that we don’t need anymore”
Now, humans being herd animals, all caught on to this heart-warming pastime and soon the ducks would wait around for the easy meals provided.
Unfortunately, neither the ducks’ digestive system nor the pond’s eco-system were designed for breadcrumbs, which were very low in nutritional value, and the plants and bacteria began to die from the plague of soggy mess which soon coated the bottom of the pond.
The ducks, although now suffering from bad health, became dependent on the human breadcrumbs since the pond was no longer able to provide.
Now Little Things, you should know that humans had, among their many bad traits, a tendency to fickleness; when feeding the ducks became a duty they lost interest and motivation and after some time of ill-health the ducks, now too weak to fly away to another pond, died.
It is difficult to understand these actions, so ignorant of the facts that were so readily available, but the human species insisted on its right to be wilfully ignorant and continued to do so even in the face of its own, self-fulfilled, extinction. So we, the surviving animals must now learn to live on what little is left over.
But do not despair Little Things, we do not have to worry about the humans anymore, we need only remember not to trust any species that seeks to rule the world.

Monday, March 12, 2018